Announcing the 4th conference of the hellenic society for computational biology HSCBB09

NHRF, Athens, 18-20/12/2009


about the Conference


This is the 4th conference of the Computational Biology and Bioinformatics community in Greece, following previous meetings in Crete, Athens and the great success of the HSCBB08 meeting in Thessaloniki.

Apart from the scientific program, the conference will also have as a primary goal the expansion of the Hellenic Society for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.

The conference is co-organized by the HSCBB, the University of Athens and the National Hellenic Research Foundation.

Looking forwards to seeing you in Athens!

The HSCBB09 Organizing Committee.

Download an HSCBB09 poster:

HSCBB09_web.pdf [1.1Mb]

HSCBB09.pdf [3.4Mb]

HSCBB09_EN_web.pdf [1.2Mb]

HSCBB09_EN.pdf [4.7Mb]


[11/12/2009] HSCBB09 program available (Program.pdf)

[10/12/2009] NHRF (EIE) location, transportation and other useful information:

[03/10/2009] Register in Doodle for your participation in HSCBB09