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Hamodrakas, S. J., Ioannis Iliopoulos, Christos A. Ouzounis, P. G. Bagos, and V. J. Promponas. "Meeting report: the seventh conference of the hellenic society for computational biology and bioinformatics." Computational and structural biotechnology journal 6 (2013): e201303006.
Ntountoumi, Chrysa, Panayotis Vlastaridis, Dimitris Mossialos, Constantinos Stathopoulos, Ioannis Iliopoulos, V. J. Promponas, Stephen G. Oliver, and Grigoris D. Amoutzias. "Low complexity regions in the proteins of prokaryotes perform important functional roles and are highly conserved." Nucleic acids research 47, no. 19 (2019): 9998-10009.
Kannas, Christos C., Ioanna Kalvari, George Lambrinidis, Christiana M. Neophytou, Christiana G. Savva, Ioannis Kirmitzoglou, Zinonas Antoniou, Kleo G. Achilleos, David Scherf, Chara A. Pitta et al. "LiSIs: An Online Scientific Workflow System for Virtual Screening." Combinatorial chemistry & high throughput screening 18, no. 3 (2015): 281-95.
Kirmitzoglou, Ioannis, and V. J. Promponas. "LCR-eXXXplorer: a web platform to search, visualize and share data for low complexity regions in protein sequences." Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) 31, no. 13 (2015): 2208-10.
Theodosiou, Athina, and V. J. Promponas. "LaTcOm: a web server for visualizing rare codon clusters in coding sequences." Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) (2011).
Davey, Norman E., Madan M. Babu, Martin Blackledge, Alan Bridge, Salvador Capella-Gutierrez, Zsuzsanna Dosztanyi, Rachel Drysdale, Richard J. Edwards, Arne Elofsson, Isabella C. Felli et al. "An intrinsically disordered proteins community for ELIXIR." F1000Research 8 (2019).
Jacomin, Anne-Claire, Siva Samavedam, V. J. Promponas, and Ioannis P. Nezis. "iLIR database: A web resource for LIR motif-containing proteins in eukaryotes." Autophagy 12, no. 10 (2016): 1945-1953.
Kalvari, Ioanna, Stelios Tsompanis, Nitha C. Mulakkal, Richard Osgood, Terje Johansen, Ioannis P. Nezis, and V. J. Promponas. "iLIR: A web resource for prediction of Atg8-family interacting proteins." Autophagy 10, no. 5 (2014): 913-25.
Iliopoulos, Ioannis, Sophia Ananiadou, Antoine Danchin, John Pa Ioannidis, Peter D. Katsikis, Christos A. Ouzounis, and V. J. Promponas. "Hypothesis, analysis and synthesis, it's all Greek to me." eLife 8 (2019).
Klionsky, Daniel J., K. Abdelmohsen, ..., V. J. Promponas, ..., and SM Zughaier. "Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (3rd edition)." Autophagy 12, no. 1 (2016): 1-222.


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