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Ioannou, A., K. Fokianos, and V. J. Promponas. "Spectral density ratio based clustering methods for the binary segmentation of protein sequences: A comparative study." BioSystems 100 (2010): 132-143.
Promponas, V. J., Katerina R. Katsani, Benjamin J. Blencowe, and Christos A. Ouzounis. "Sequence evidence for common ancestry of eukaryotic endomembrane coatomers." Scientific reports 6 (2016): 22311.
Tsoka, S., V. J. Promponas, and Christos A. Ouzounis. "Reproducibility in genome sequence annotation: the Plasmodium falciparum chromosome 2 case." FEBS letters 451 (1999): 354-355.
Michael, Eleni, Savvas Polydorides, V. J. Promponas, Paris Skourides, and Georgios Archontis. "Recognition of LD motifs by the focal adhesion targeting domains of focal adhesion kinase and proline-rich tyrosine kinase 2-beta: Insights from molecular dynamics simulations." Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 89 (2020): 29-52.
Panayidou, Stavria, Kaliopi Georgiades, Theodoulakis Christofi, Stella Tamana, V. J. Promponas, and Yiorgos Apidianakis. "Pseudomonas aeruginosa core metabolism exerts a widespread growth-independent control on virulence." Scientific reports 10, no. 1 (2020): 9505.
Agathocleous, M., G. Christodoulou, V. J. Promponas, C. Christodoulou, V. Vassiliades, and A. Antoniou. "Protein Secondary Structure Prediction with Bidirectional Recurrent Neural Nets: Can Weight Updating for Each Residue Enhance Performance?" Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations (2010): 128-137.
Papasaikas, P. K., P. G. Bagos, Z. I. Litou, V. J. Promponas, and S. J. Hamodrakas. "PRED-GPCR: GPCR recognition and family classification server." Nucleic acids research 32 (2004): W380-2.
Pasquier, C. M., V. J. Promponas, and S. J. Hamodrakas. "PRED-CLASS: cascading neural networks for generalized protein classification and genome-wide applications." Proteins 44 (2001): 361-369.
Jarnot, Patryk, Joanna Ziemska-Legiecka, Laszlo Dobson, Matthew Merski, Pablo Mier, Miguel A. Andrade-Navarro, John M. Hancock, Zsuzsanna Dosztányi, Lisanna Paladin, Marco Necci et al. "PlaToLoCo: the first web meta-server for visualization and annotation of low complexity regions in proteins." Nucleic Acids Research (2020).
Pasquier, C. M., V. J. Promponas, G. A. Palaios, J. S. Hamodrakas, and S. J. Hamodrakas. "A novel method for predicting transmembrane segments in proteins based on a statistical analysis of the SwissProt database: the PRED-TMR algorithm." Protein engineering 12 (1999): 381-385.


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