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BRL Members


Dr Vasilis J Promponas [home page]

PhD Students

Ioannis Kirmitzoglou [Development of Algorithms and Tools for Studying Compositionally Biased Regions in Protein Sequences]

Athina Theodosiou [The Impact of Codons with Rare tRNAs in Protein Structure]

Stella Tamana [Low Complexity Regions and Protein Structure]

Ioanna Kalvari [Cancer Bioinformatics]

Undergraduate Students

Michalis Vasiliades  [Fungal Comparative Mitochondrial Genomics]

Georgia Aggelidou  [Yeast Computational Genomics and Epigenomics]

External Students

MSc in Bioinformatics Program, University of Athens

Stavros Anagnostopoulos [Expession Profiles of Eukaryotic Transmembrane Proteins]

Giorgos Smaraidos [Low Complexity Regions in Proteomes of Biomedically Important Species]

Nikolaos Galanakis [Low Complexity Regions in Proteomes of Biomedically Important Species]

ERASMUS Exchange Students

Agata Combi [Sequence Features of Cancer-related Proteins]




Nikos Nikolaou [postdoctoral researcher, VeSTIS project]

Nikos Papanikolaou [research assistant, BioTextQuest project]

Stavros Nikolaou [research assistant, BioTextQuest project]

Phd Students:

George Christodoulou

MSc Students:

Stella Tamana [Low Complexity Regions in Proteins with Known Structure]

Eleni Mitilinaiou [Low Complexity Regions in Model Plant Genomes]

Dimitris Ioannidis [Protein-Protein Interactions in the Apoptotic Telomerase Pathways]

Undergraduate students:

Maria Xenophontos [Evaluation of TMH-TMH interaction prediction methods]

Visiting Researchers:

Nicholas Price [Transmembrane Proteins in the C. elegans Genome]


by Dr. Radut.