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Assignment - Applications of pairwise sequence alignments - Due 29/09/2016

For this assignment you will need to identify at least one research or review paper (preferencially indexed in Pubmed) where at least one pairwise sequence alignment (e.g. gene, protein, genome sequence) was used to derive a biologically meaningful conclusion.
You should prepare before the class (29/09/2016) the following:
1. A short report (max. 500 words, excluding references/figures or other supporting matterial) highlighting:

  • The biological question addressed
  • The method used to derive the sequences to be compared (e.g. from databases, direct experimentation)
  • The information infered from the pairwise alignment

2. A supplementary text, describing how you performed the literature search for selecting the specific paper.
Please, send me the papers you have selected till 28/09/2016, to share them between the class audience and be prepared to discuss them. Any student who may want to prepare a short presentation (max. 5 minutes) will get extra credit (+20% of their mark).

by Dr. Radut.