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Servers and software developed by our group


CAST: Compositional Bias Detection Algorithm [Server]

[Coming soon: an enhanced serial and a multi-threaded CAST implementation]




VeSTIS logo

VeSTIS : a flexible Open Source software platform for Semi-automatic Taxon Identification from digital images.

kNNpredict logo

kNNpredict : prediction of tightly packed transmembrane α-helices, using a novel variant of k-nearest neighbors classifiers ans sequence information.

bioTextQuest logo

BioTextQuest: a Biomedical text mining suite for concept discovery.

LaTcOm logo

LaTcOm: identification of rare codon clusters in cDNA sequences.

iLIR logo

iLIR: In silico identification of functional LC3 Interacting Region Motifs.

Other software and tools

R-code supplementing the manuscript entitled "Clustering of Biological Time Series by Cepstral Coefficients Based Distances" Savvides A, Promponas VJ, Fokianos K  [Download]


Note: This web-page is continuously under construction.

by Dr. Radut.