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Assignment - Applications of pairwise sequence alignments - Due 29/09/2016

For this assignment you will need to identify at least one research or review paper (preferencially indexed in Pubmed) where at least one pairwise sequence alignment (e.g. gene, protein, genome sequence) was used to derive a biologically meaningful conclusion.
You should prepare before the class (29/09/2016) the following:
1. A short report (max. 500 words, excluding references/figures or other supporting matterial) highlighting:

BIO650 - Winter 2016

Dear students,
You may find the course syllabus and relevant introductory information at the following link:
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Some useful online resources

You may find some interesting online resources related to the topics discussed in this class in the following link [Online resources].

    Διαλέξεις - Άρθρα -Σημειώσεις

    • Εισαγωγική διάλεξη (Slides, PDF).
    • Αλληλουχίες βιολογικών μακρομορίων και εισαγωγή στη μοριακή εξέλιξη (Slides, PDF)

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