Bioinformatics Research Lab

Research at the Bioinformatics Research Lab

Research activities of the Bioinformatics Research Laboratory are mainly oriented towards the interpretation of large scale genomic data and the use of computational methods in order to reveal the principles governing the Molecular Basis of Life. We are mainly interested in the elucidation of protein sequence to structure/function relationships using sequence similarity, statistical and machine learning techniques. In particular, our research focuses on:

  1. Sequence repeats, low complexity/compositionally biased regions: Investigation of their relation to protein structure and association to protein (mis)function. Study of the evolution of protein repeats.
  2. Transmembrane and membrane-associated protein topology and structure prediction:  Prediction of structural features of membrane proteins [see the TMPACK project pages]. Evolution of transmembrane protein topology/structure/function.
  3. Applying and developing Comparative Genomics methods for the study of Bacterial genome function and evolution
  4. Sequence-based structural/functional classification of proteins
  5. Computer-aided and automatic Complete Genome Annotation
The recently established Bioinformatics Research Laboratory has ongoing collaborations with research groups in Cyprus, Greece, and the United Kingdom. Our research has been funded by the University of Cyprus and Research Promotion Foundation, Cyrpus.

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