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Publications in peer reviewed journals [in reverse chronological order]

  1. Savvides A, Promponas VJ, and Fokianos K. Clustering of biological time series by cepstral coefficients based distances, Pattern Recognition (2008), doi:10.1016/j.patcog.2008.01.002, [Publisher's website].
  2. Bagos PG, Liakopoulos TD, Promponas VJ, and Hamodrakas SJ. Prediction of β-barrel Outer Membrane Proteins", Proceedings of the Indian National Academy of Sciences - Part B (Biological Sciences), 71:1, 2005.
  3. Papasaikas, PK, Bagos, PG, Litou, ZI, Promponas VJ, and Hamodrakas, SJ. PRED-GPCR: GPCR recognition and family classification server., Nucleic Acids Research, W380-382, 2004. [PUBMED]
  4. Vernikos G, Gkogkas C, Promponas VJ, and Hamodrakas SJ. GeneViTo: Visualizing gene-product functional and structural features in genomic datasets. BMC Bioinformatics, 4:53, 2003. [PUBMED]
  5. Iliopoulos I, Tsoka S, Andrade MA, Enright AJ, Carroll M, Poullet P, Promponas VJ, Liakopoulos T, Palaios G, Pasquier C, Hamodrakas S, Tamames J, Yagnik AT, Tramontano A, Devos D, Blaschke C, Valencia A, Brett D, Martin D, Leroy C, Rigoutsos I, Sander C, Ouzounis CA. Evaluation of annotation strategies using an entire genome sequence. Bioinformatics, 19(6), 717-726, 2003. [PUBMED]
  6. Pasquier C, Promponas VJ, and Hamodrakas SJ. PRED-CLASS: cascading neural networks for generalized protein classification and genome-wide applications. Proteins: Structure Function, and Genetics, 44(3), 361-369, 2001. [PUBMED]
  7. Promponas, VJ, Enright, A.J., Tsoka, S., Kreil, D., Leroy, C., Hamodrakas, S.J., Sander, C., and Ouzounis, CA. CAST: an iterative algorithm for the Complexity Analysis of Sequence Tracts. Bioinformatics, 16(10), 915-922, 2000. [PUBMED]
  8. Tsoka, S., Promponas, V., and Ouzounis, C. Reproducibility in genome sequence annotation: The Plasmodium falciparum chromosome 2 case. FEBS Letters, 451, 354-355, 1999. [PUBMED]
  9. Promponas, V.J., Palaios, G., Pasquier, C.M., Hamodrakas, J.S., and Hamodrakas SJ. CoPreTHi: A Web tool which combines transmembrane protein segment prediction methods. In Silico Biology, 01(0014), 1999. [PUBMED]
  10. Pasquier, C.M., Promponas, V.J., Palaios, G., Hamodrakas, J.S., and Hamodrakas, S.J. A novel method for predicting transmembrane segments in proteins based on a statistical analysis of the SwissProt database: the PRED-TMR algorithm. Protein Engineering, 12(5), 381-385, 1999. [PUBMED]
  11. Pasquier, C.M., Promponas, V.J., Varvayannis, N.J., and Hamodrakas, S.J. A Web server to locate periodicities in a sequence. Bioinformatics, 14(8), 749-750, 1998. [PUBMED]

Invited talks

"Biologically Inspired Computation: Selected Bioinformatics Applications ", at the 'Biologically Inspired Computation' Workshop, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 19/12/2003.

Posters in International Conferences


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